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World Neuropterida Faunas

Faunal Lists of the Extant and Extinct Neuropterida
(Insecta: Neuroptera, Megaloptera, Raphidioptera
and Glosselytrodea) of the World


John D. Oswald
Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University

Abstract: The Lacewing Digital Library’s World Neuropterida Faunas module suite provides a venue for the publication of interactively generated faunas of varied geographic extent and depth. Each country fauna module will be authored by one or more regional experts on that fauna, and a world-by-country module will contain faunal data at the global level, including data for countries not represented by separate country modules. A list of the faunas modules that have been publically released to date, and those that are currently in development, is given in the table below. If you would like to contribute to the World Neuropterida Faunas project—by collaborating on an existing module, or by developing a new country module—please contact the editor or one of the lead authors shown below.

Geographic Scope Development Status Administrative Units Lead Author E-mail
Albania in development country, county Dušan Devetak
Bulgaria in development country, province Alexi Popov
Chile in development country, region Eduardo Faúndez
Colombia in development country, region, province Adrián Ardila
France in development country, region, department Matthieu Giacomino
Ireland in development country, county Colin Plant
Italy public country, region Agostino Letardi
Macedonia in development country, statistical region Dušan Devetak
Poland in development country, province Roland Dobosz
Serbia in development country, statistical region Dušan Devetak
Slovenia public country, statistical region Dušan Devetak
South Africa in development country, province Mervyn Mansell
United Kingdom in development kingdom, country/territory Colin Plant
United States in development country, state, county David Bowles
World in development country John Oswald