I thank the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water of the Republic of Albania for permission to collect insects in Albanian national parks, and Ms. Elvana Ramaj for her help in issuing the authorization. The Balkan expeditions organized by the Department of Biology of the University of Maribor were supported in part by the research project Biodiversity of the Neuropterida on the Balkans (RP BioDiv Neuropterida Balkan – ALBH 2013) and in part by the Slovenian Research Agency through an Infrastructure Program grant (No. IP-0552). I thank the following colleagues and friends for their assistance in the field: F. Janžekovič, T. Klenovšek, V. Klokočovnik, J. Podlesnik, P. Jakšić and A. Nahirnić. I am particularly indebted to Hubert and Renate Rausch (Scheibbs, Austria) for their valuable contributions during the preparation of this checklist.

My sincere thanks to John Oswald for general design, editing, and implementation of the Neuropterida of Albania as a module within the World Neuropterida Faunas initiative of the Lacewing Digital Library web portal, and to Yongyan Liu and Jiacheng Liu for technical implementation of the project.

General in-kind support for Lacewing Digital Library projects has been provided over the years by the Department of Entomology of Texas A&M University, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, and the Texas A&M Libraries.