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Citation:  Devetak, D.; Jakšić, P. N. 2003. Neuroptera of Kosovo and Metohija (Serbia). Zeitschrift der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Österreichischer Entomologen 55:45-53. [r#10837]
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Page Figure Stage Sex Taxon Subject View Style Notes Link
– male; – female; ? – unknown. Columns: Page – the page on which the figure occurs in the cited work; Figure – the designation used for the figure in the cited work; Stage – the life stage of the figured specimen, if applicable; Sex – the sex of the figured specimen, if applicable; Taxon – the scientific name from the cited work, followed by its current scientific name, if different; Subject – the subject scope of the figure; View – the view of the figured specimen, if applicable; Style – the type of artwork represented by the figure; Notes – miscellaneous notes, if any; Link – a link to a digital copy of the cited work, if available. Abbreviations: b&w – black and white.
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