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Reference#:   555
Author(s):   Navás, L.
Imprint Year:   1912
Title:   Notas sobre Mirmeleónidos (Ins. Neur.).
Journal:   Brotéria (Zoológica)
Volume:Page(s):   10:29-75, 85-97
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File Content Type Links Filetype Kb Complete
1486 scan of original printed serial issue, searchable pdf 2209 yes
1487 scan of original printed serial issue, non-searchable pdf 4996 yes
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Citation Type:   Article in serial
Verified:   Yes, citation data verified.
First Author:   Navás Ferrér Homdedeu Marco, L. (Longinos) 'Longinos' [1858–1938] †♂ — Spanish Jesuit and entomologist
First Author E-mail:   (none, first author deceased)
Publication Date:   1912.02.??-1912.06.??
Dating Notes:   From notes on wrappers of v. 10, fasc. 1: "1912 ... [below] ... Fevereiro" (pp. 29-75); and v. 10, fasc. 2: "1912 ... [below] ... Junho" (pp. 85-97).
Separate:   [1]-60
Illustrations:   15 [#1-15] and 5 [#16-20] figures
Language:   Spanish (Latin)
Summary/Abstract:   (not available)
General Notes:   Serial (CU-ANX): 10[="1912"; title page dated "1912"](1[wrapper dated "1912 ... [below] ... Fevereiro"]):[29]-75; 10(2[wrapper dated "1912 ... [below] ... Junho"]):[85]-97. Separate (BMNH, NMNH-F): SI DS 1912.10.17.
Standard Citation:   Navás, L. 1912. Notas sobre Mirmeleónidos (Ins. Neur.). Brotéria (Zoológica) 10:29-75, 85-97. [r#555]
Extended Citation:   Navás, L. 1912. Notas sobre Mirmeleónidos (Ins. Neur.). Brotéria (Zoológica) 10:29-75, 85-97. [r#555]
Dataset Timestamp:   4/30/2024 10:48:22 AM

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