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Citation:  Capra, F. 1945. Alcuni Odonati e Neurotteri dell'Albania settentrionale. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale Giacomo Doria 62:292-300. [r#1839]
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Page – the page(s) on which the taxon treatment starts or occurs in the cited work; Taxon – the scientific name from the cited work, followed by its current scientific name, if different; Annotations – brief notes on the general content of the taxon treatment in the cited work; Notes – miscellaneous notes, if any; Link – a link to a digital copy of the cited work, if available.
298  Ascalaphus macaronius var. kolywanensis (Laxmann, 1770) (as "kolyvanensis [sic]") [now: Libelloides macaronius (Scopoli, 1763)]  distribution    view ref
299  Ascalaphus ottomannus Germar in Ahrens, [1839] (as "ottomanus [sic]") [now: Libelloides lacteus (Brullé, 1832)]  distribution    view ref
295  Creoleon plumbeus (Olivier, 1811)  distribution    view ref
295  Cueta albanica Capra, 1945 [now: Cueta lineosa (Rambur, 1842)]  available, first description    view ref
294  Formicaleo tetragrammicus (Fabricius, 1798) [now: Distoleon tetragrammicus (Fabricius, 1798)]  distribution    view ref
295  Myrmecaelurus trigrammus (Pallas, 1771)  distribution    view ref
294  Palpares libelluloides (Linnaeus, 1764) [now: Palpares (libelluloides) libelluloides (Linnaeus, 1764)]  distribution    view ref