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Taxonomic Scope Geographic Scope Year Terminals Stage Sex Language
Symbols: – file link; * – unavailable name; ♂ – male; ♀ – female. Columns: File – link to a copy of the publication containing the key, where available and permissible; Geographic Scope – the recorded geographic scope of the key; Key – the key's World Neuropterida Metakey keyID number, and link to Key Record page; Language – the language used in the key; Page – the page number on which the key starts; Sex – the sex(es) treated in the key; Stage – the life stage(s) treated in the key; Taxonomic Scope – the recorded taxonomic scope of the key; Terminals – the number of unique Neuropterida terminal taxa contained in the key and their rank(s), keys to life stages are reported as “life stages”; Terminal Taxon – a terminal taxon name either used in the key, or updated to a current name, or both (depending on the Key List search criteria); Year – the year the key was published or made available. Abbreviations: A – adult(s); E – egg(s); fami – family(ies); gegr – genus group(s); genu – genus(genera); GLOS – order Glosselytrodea; inst – instar; L – larva(e), number indicates instar; MEGA – order Megaloptera; NEUR – order Neuroptera; NIDA – superorder Neuropterida; orde – order(s); P – pupa(e); PP – prepupa(e); r# – Bibliography of the Neuropterida (BotN) reference number; RAPH – order Raphidioptera; subf – subfamily(ies); subg – subgenus(subgenera); subo – suborder(s); subs – subspecies; subt – subtribe(s); spec – species; spgr – species group(s); supf – superfamily(ies); supo – superorder(s); supt – supertribe(s); trib – tribe(s).
842 380 Hemerobius abditus Hemerobius Linnaeus, 1758 [NEUR: Hemerobiidae] Africa (southern; UN geoscheme) 1961 6 (species) A English
3664 380 Hemerobius abditus Hemerobius Linnaeus, 1758 [NEUR: Hemerobiidae] Africa (southern; UN geoscheme) 1961 5 (species) A English